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Plans Fail

I am not a morning person. I never have been. Therefore, to wake up the morning, I usually set two alarms, five minutes apart: one is in my phone, and one is on an Amazon Echo Dot. This presents at least two potential problems.

The first problem is that both are dependent upon connectivity. If the internet is down, or if the power fails, Echo Dot is dead. The phone gets its time from the cellular network, which could make it inaccurate (although, truthfully, that is much less if a concern).

The second problem is that it is possible to shut off both alarms while thinking one may only be snoozed. If this happens, the chance of oversleeping is magnified.

Since I was two hours late for work this morning (by my preference, anyway), I’ll let you guess which occurred.

Suffice it to say that I’m rethinking my wake-up strategy.


Published by Doc BJ

Grandfather, father, colon cancer survivor, database guy, ETL guy, cobweb-site manager guy, former web developer guy

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