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Something I’ve noticed

The internet provides many platforms for people to speak their minds, but the internet does not guarantee an audience. While you may have something important or valuable to say, the fact is that if nobody sees it, it really doesn’t matter that you said it at all.

That’s one of the things I think about when it comes to blogs here. If nobody reads them, what difference does it make? I may not put a whole lot of time into this, mostly because I won’t expect the time I put into this to be well-spent. After all, I don’t expect much of an audience.

Maybe just one.

Now that I think about it, if I just write for her, maybe that’s reason enough to do it more often. After all, I have a Twitter account for the stupid stuff…


Published by Doc BJ

Grandfather, father, colon cancer survivor, database guy, ETL guy, cobweb-site manager guy, former web developer guy

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  1. Writing from your soul and expressing yourself is what matters. Write for yourself, not for others. It’s therapeutic if nothing else.


    1. Unlike some, I generally write as if for an audience. In that way, I don’t get lazy with spelling, grammar and composition. Not only that, but anything online by definition becomes public, and for that reason, I’m hesitant to share much personal information, thoughts and feelings online, however therapeutic it might be to do so.

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    1. It’s a means of working out thoughts in greater detail than is possible on Twitter, and also provides the opportunity for feedback both on content and presentation. It also requires adequate defense of one’s viewpoint. If my thinking is wrong, others may convince me of such. This helps me learn and grow as a person.

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